Young the Giant

21 December 2011

The Corner Hotel, Richmond


Sat in my friend’s apartment before a night out, Jess said she had a treat for us, having just heard this song on the radio that afternoon.  As the emotive first lyric kicked in, “After leaving her apartment…” everyone turned their curiosity towards the screen, watching Young the Giant perform ‘Apartment’ on a grassy mountain somewhere far from that living room.  I had just recently decided to start a website filming bands playing tunes in different locations (this one); and was further inspired by this video to continue – which, mind you now has over half a million views.

In turns out Young the Giant had a similar idea; starting a sequence of online videos called ‘In the Open’ where they play different interpretations of their songs throughout their travels, in various locations.  I pondered what the chances would be of doing a shoot with this unique quintet from across the seas.

And then there we were; (many thanks to their wonderful Australian rep at Roadrunner Records) filming Young the Giant at the Corner Hotel before they supported Grouplove earlier this year.  Since first hearing them, Young the Giant have always been on my radar, having also played shows with Marina & The Diamonds, The Futureheads, Neon Trees and Grouplove.  Seeing the band perform at the 2011 MTV Awards was a pleasant confirmation that they were on a lot of the right radars, including Morrissey’s, who referred to them as one of his favourite new bands.

Singer Sameer Gadhia has a trademark vocal delivery, crooning over the top of indie pop guitars.  We’ve looked forward to posting this clip since before we even shot it; Young the Giant are consistently beautiful in their delivery of this song.

Words by Charlotte Abroms.