Sweets + Haarlo + Open Swimmer

4 June 2014

South Melbourne

Drop the Game (Flume & Chet Faker)

What happens when you combine low-fi electro fuzz, Afro-beat shake, kaleidoscopic bonk-pop with delicate weaving dreamy, magnetic vocals and soulpop? Is that a thing?

… You get Sweets, Haarlo and Open Swimmer.

Then when they perform a cover of Flume & Chet Faker’s ‘Drop The Game’, there are no more adjectives.

Sweets is the musical project of Annabelle Tunley, Peter Emptage and George Weis – who started Sweets as a creative outlet to inject some fun and buzzy energy into their tunes. You might be familiar with their clap-tastic delight ‘Swagger‘.

Haarlo vocalist Stacey Gardiner joins the recent lineup of badass New Zealand female vocalists, collaborating with Producer and multi-instrumentalist Jono Steer. Their first release, ‘Easier’ was unleashed to the world via MS MR’S Track Addict Volume II last year.

Open Swimmer (Ben TD) is best known for making a name for himself in Glasgow before recently returning to Melbourne to work on his debut album, Canyon. The weaving and delicate vocals of Open Swimmer take the arrangement of this cover to a place unimaginable; somewhere silky and warm.

While all three acts are creating their upcoming albums, they banded together to perform this eclectic cover just for kicks.

You can catch this exact bill (Sweets, Haarlo, Open Swimmer) perform live at The Retreat Hotel on 26 June 2014. More details on the eventĀ here.

Words by Charlotte Abroms