Royal Republic

27 August 2012

The Hilton, Melbourne

I Must Be Out Of My Mind

Swedish band Royal Republic swung by Melbourne on the Soundwave tour earlier this year, where we met them at The Hilton Hotel.  Bursting with Soundwave artists, managers and their respective entourages – the Hilton lobby must only see such a crowd once a year.  We were lucky enough to speak with a lovely representative at the Hilton who organised a room for us to record Royal Republic performing I Must Be Out Of My Mind.

Formed in Malmö, Sweden, Royal Republic consists of frontman Adam Grahn, guitarist Hannes Irengård, bassist Jonas Almén and drummer Per Andreasson.  The Swedes released their debut album We Are The Royal in 2010 and since have performed over 350 live shows – making waves internationally across venues and festivals.

After releasing We Are The Royal, their single Tommy Gun went platinum in their home country. We set up in a formal conference room; wooden floors and stain glass, described by the Hilton as “suitable for both intimate or grand social functions, with a range of ways to enhance the experience in energising, unique and rewarding ways.”  “Energising, unique and rewarding” are definitely three ways of describing this performance. Frontman Adam Grahn, ever so eloquently kicks off the performance with, “All right pricks. Let’s do this.”  To which drummer Per Andreasson responds, “Don’t call me a prick, I’m a grown man.”  Their cheeky banter (surprisingly not even in their native language) makes you not only want to listen to their music, but also go for a beer with them.  Which in fact, they did, like true Melburnians the band went to The Napier Hotel in Fitzroy after the shoot to taste some native Australian dishes.

These young men have a mesmerising sense of energy and confidence; an energy that we were yet to experience – their enthusiasm for performing wouldn’t change whether they were playing to a crowd of five (us) or to a sold out festival.  Their electrifying performance of “I Must Be Out Of My Mind” left our crew both impressed, and a little bit giddy.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t blink once.

The band performs with a sense of honesty, an intense connection, and an underlying twist of cheekiness – this is what makes Royal Republic so easy to fall in love with. Royal Republic’s new record Save The Nation is out on 28 September 2012.   Special thanks to Roadrunner Records for making the magic to happen.

Words by:
Charlotte Abroms
Eliza Hull