MØ – Walk This Way

17 June 2014

Walk This Way

Danish songstress MØ has just released a smashing new music video for her track “Walk This Way” and it’s no surprise it’s nearly topped 100k views.  The ‘tude in this clip is off charts.

The song was released earlier this year on MØ’s debut album No Mythologies to Follow. MØ first appeared in our ears thanks to MS MR’s Track Addict Volume II – where her track ‘Pilgrim’ featured on the mixtape alongside our very own Melbourne electro duo Haarlo. MØ’s trademark electronic drums can be heard throughout ‘Pilgrim’ and ‘Walk This Way’.

Creating a video that could possibly live up to the boom-slap beats and claps in this track seems a hard act to follow but i-D have unsurprisingly nailed it with ease.  The colour grade is reflective of a ’90’s high school sitcom – intentionally desaturated. There’s a schoolyard chant vibe going on in the chorus, where the video shows MØ and a crew of schoolgirls rebelling around the sports facilities, knocking over trophies, strutting down the athletics track, dancing in the gymnasium – this kind of thing.

MØ somehow manages to make knocking over a hurdle look badass, watch through to the end to see what we mean.

This girl has achieved immense success since coming onto the scene and we’re willing to bet she’s onto even bigger things.