Husky – I’m Not Coming Back

27 June 2014


I'm Not Coming Back

Jump on the Husky train. This Melbourne band has been a Large Noises favourite for some years now. Following their career from the get-go, we’re beyond excited to hear and share the first taste of Husky’s new record with ‘I’m Not Coming Back’.

The track gets better with each listen, featuring Husky’s signature smooth-as-butter falsetto and harmonies throughout and a chilling soulful energy in a call-and-response style bridge.

‘I’m Not Coming Back’ is a catchy and upbeat number that will be all over the airwaves in no time. The track is tied together with the unmistakably unique and dazzling vocal delivery of Husky, with hints of folk legends combined with early Brit Pop.

There’s a sense of modern edge in the song, with an underlying feeling of freedom that conjures up visions of journeys and new beginnings.

Treat yourself.