Hayden Calnin

15 February 2012

Lounge room, Melbourne


After one incredible performance, Hayden turns to the camera and says, “Was that all right?”  There’s only one thing better than an amazing artist, and that’s one who doesn’t know it yet.

A lot of people have been comparing Hayden to other established artists.  We think Hayden Calnin sounds a lot like Hayden Calnin.

At just 22 years old, with a background in film, Hayden turned his focus to music in the past two years.  And rightly so.

I first heard the song ‘Summer’ on triple j unearthed and knew he was unquestionably unique.  Soon after this I saw him play live at The Evelyn, supporting Eliza Hull and wandered over to Eliza before she went on stage and said, “We need to film him.”  So she organised it.

With such a different sound, I asked Hayden what his musical influences were and he said, and I quote, “Everything.  The good, the horrible, the doof doof.”  Exceptionally lyrically talented, it’s no surprise that his main musical influences are however The Swell Season, Low, Frightened Rabbit and Seekae; which all seem to fall under the ‘good’ category.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, we set up in Hayden’s lounge room to capture him perform.  The cameras were rolling and we all struggled to keep our eyes behind the lenses when Hayden started performing his beautiful song, ‘Summer’.  His voice resonated through the entire house; it’s such a big voice, yet at the same time low and heart heavy.  Easily one of our most interesting shoots to date, whereby he live looped the entire song to an astounded little Large Noises audience.

This month Hayden will be supporting Matt Corby in three sold out shows at The Corner Hotel – on the 19th, 21st and 22nd of February.  Following this you can catch Hayden at The Toff in Town on February 25th with Dancing Heels and Them Swoops.  And on March 31st he’ll be supporting Mark Wilkinson at The Thornbury Theatre.

Keep your ears and eyes out for Hayden Calnin’s EP (featuring Summer) that will be released in the coming months.  Words can’t quite describe the excitement to pop my headphones on and listen to it.  Hayden Calnin is nothing short of a dream.

Words by Charlotte Abroms