25 September 2011

The Corner Hotel


Early last year Ryan Rabin (drummer of Grouplove) sent me a link to a song he’d recently produced and drummed on, called “Colours.” Within seconds of listening to the song, I got that feeling that I so rarely get; a combination of excitement and appreciation when you hear something that somehow sounds right. The unique sound of Christian Zucconi’s voice, combined with the clever and cryptic lyrics, and the underlying pop vibe makes you just want to dance or jump or move.

Around the time the EP was released last year I went to Los Angeles (hometown of Andrew Wessen and Ryan Rabin) and met the band. I noticed immediately that there was something more than a mere musical connection between these guys (and gorgeous girl, Hannah Hooper). All having come from different backgrounds, in some cases different cities, and in bassist Sean Gadd’s case, a different country – it was like a bizarre twist of fate that brought these exceptionally talented artists together, to finally make an explosive entrance onto the international music scene.

As I was leaving that week, I just missed Grouplove playing the Troubadour. Ryan was going to keep me posted on their progress. Upon returning home and with a slight case of post-holiday blues, I stepped into my little office in Melbourne, Australia and flicked the radio on. There it was, “I am a man, man, man, man, up up up in the air” and somehow Grouplove had beat me back here. The theme song of my summer had made it to my hometown, sooner than I had expected, thanks to Triple J.

Exactly one year later, August 2011 I found myself in the audience at Australian music festival, Splendour in the Grass, watching the band attract a crowd of loyal Australian fans.

Grouplove aren’t just a band; they are a family, having all found what appears to be their calling in life, simultaneously. This sense of love and family extends right out to their management team (Berger Management) and ultimately to their fans, to every little face in that crowd. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to be a part of their family, even if it was just a distant Australian cousin.

If you ever get the chance to go see Grouplove live, do it.

Words by Charlotte Abroms.