14 August 2011

Rooftop, Melbourne


After realising that Gossling was the musical project name for singer Helen Croome, I was pleasantly surprised that I in fact had known Helen for quite some time. I had passed her in the High School corridor several times, as she came to my school to perform in the musical projects the school had to offer. This connection made her music even more personal for me. As fellow Albury-Wodonga (a small country town in Australia) residents, her voice became extremely special and her first EP, “If You Can’t Whistle” was one of my favourites to drive with; reflective and heartfelt.

Now Gossling is a name that people recognise, she is being compared to some of Australia’s greatest female singers and her songs continue to get the support they deserve. Her music is one you put on when you feel like being taken away for those moments; I often put it on when it’s raining and make myself a pot of tea.

Her voice is strong, original and raw with emotion and her song writing is striking, and lush. She is proving to be an artist to watch. Recently Gossling performed her recent single ‘War’ from her sophomore EP, “Until Then”, for Large Noises and she positively blew us all away with her feeling, and musicality. We were left with tingles from the powerful raw high notes she gave.

Her voice is definitely one that raises the hairs on your neck and brings you to that reflective state. With lyrics like, “I want to know if a crashing wave feels like war?” it seems Gossling, as an artist is one to reflect also. With emotive lyrics, and a voice that matches, she really has captured my heart.

Words by Eliza Hull.