Eliza Hull

14 September 2011

Northcote Uniting Church

On My Mind

Eliza and I have a special story. We run Large Noises together, along with Jono Steer and Davey Sams. Jono, who you may notice also plays the keys in Eliza’s band.

Sat next to one another in our first year of university, Eliza and I bonded over, well, not really knowing what we were doing there. We chatted music. And we’ve pretty much only chatted music since. I discovered Eliza fronted a band called Describe Eliza, so I went home and had a little listen to her tunes. Without any industry experience, the next day I asked Eliza if I could manage her. That didn’t happen.

My point is that Eliza’s music moves people. With her humble and sweet personality, one would expect Eliza to have a soft, mellow voice to accompany it. She has a strong, powerful voice that carried throughout the Northcote Uniting Church and even attracted a small crowd of passers by from the street, including the crew from Small Werld who wrote a flattering article about her. When Eliza sings, people freeze, mesmerized by her voice and her performance.

It was people like Eliza who I wanted to film (if I couldn’t manage her), the ones that are about to break out and become something huge, the ones that don’t know it yet. So we combined our love for music, for film, for the written word and for supporting all of the other Eliza’s out there (they are far and few between) and we started Large Noises.

Listen to Eliza’s single here and let her voice take you away at her single launch.

September 15th, 2011
Northcote Social Club

Words by Charlotte Abroms.