Ben Abraham – Speak

Ben Abraham


Having Gotye produce the lead vocals on your first ever release would be an absolute dream. [...]

Bears – Little Fun


Little Fun

Be one of the first to download this badboy for free and put it in the cloud, synch it to all your devices and play it whenever the mood strikes. [...]

Husky – I’m Not Coming Back


I'm Not Coming Back

Jump on the Husky train. [...]

Jim Lawrie – Just Like Normal

Jim Lawrie

Just Like Normal

Our musical love affair with Jim Lawrie only grows stronger. [...]

MØ – Walk This Way

Walk This Way

Creating a video that could possibly live up to the boom-slap beats and claps in this track seems a hard act to follow but i-D have unsurprisingly nailed it with ease. [...]

Kimbra – Nobody But You


Nobody But You

We can already see Kimbra’s new album The Golden Echo appearing on several ‘Best Of’ lists in 2014. [...]

Rainy Day Women – Mars

Rainy Day Women


If it’s possible for a band to sound like a season, Rainy Day Women are nailing summer right now. [...]

#1 Dads – Return To (feat. Tom Snowdon)

#1 Dads (feat. Tom Snowdon)

Return To

Lyrically, it’s straight to the heart – Snowdon’s vocals and Iansek’s production takes the listener to a dark and heavy place. One that begs you to listen again. [...]