Ben Abraham – Speak

8 September 2014

Ben Abraham


Having Gotye produce the lead vocals on your first ever release would be an absolute dream for most artists.  That dream recently became a reality for Ben Abraham.

The Melbourne based musician has independently achieved a cult following over the years with his charming online videos, soulful voice and enigmatic live shows.  Two years ago, Ben’s fans showed their support by chipping in to crowdfund the recording of his debut album. The production has been two years in the making, spanning across two different continents and is almost ready to be unleashed to the world.

‘Speak’ is the first official offering from Ben’s debut album and it is stunning. His rich vocal is set amongst lush guitars and ambient bliss, with a rising tide of powerful drums and synths which combust with the intensity of his voice.  ‘Speak’ takes the listener on a heartfelt lyrical journey.

The track was produced by Jono Steer and Leigh Fisher who have transformed a simple piano ballad into a powerful and unique sonic experience.  The lead vocals were captured by Grammy award winning artist Wally de Backer (Goyte); who assisted in crafting a raw and rich tone in Ben’s voice.

This promising first release is just the beginning for Ben Abraham and we’ll be eagerly awaiting more.