Ariela Jacobs

13 June 2016

Ariela's Lounge Room


It’s with great pleasure we bring you the incredible live performance of Ariela Jacobs, playing the first single from her debut EP ‘Yesteryear’. This live version of the single ‘Sandman’ was recorded in Ariela’s candlelit lounge room to celebrate the release of the debut single.

It’s Ariela’s live performance and lyrical intricacy that stood out to us beyond words, capturing fleeting moments through personal storytelling, intertwined with tales of love and loss.

Ariela’s six-track EP ‘Yesteryear’ was recorded by our very own producer and multi-instrumentalist Jono Steer (Ainslie Wills, Ben Abraham).

We are keeping it in the family and releasing the intimate live performance of Ariela as one of our first releases for Large Noises in 2016.

Ariela’s debut EP ‘Yesteryear’ is available digitally worldwide. You can buy it on iTunes here.