Ainslie Wills, Angie McMahon, Gretta Ray (Emma Louise Cover)

ACMI, Melbourne Music Week

Wish You Well (Emma Louise Cover)

This one is a tip of the hat to the website that lead us down a creative and musical path. It is a nod to the bands and many people who help us create it. [...]

Gretta Ray

Howler, Melbourne


There was a collective feeling that we were witnessing a moment in history, the first showcase of an artist who will soon have the world at her feet. [...]

Xavier Dunn

Dancehouse Studios


Xavier Dunn may just be the next biggest thing in music to come out of Australia. [...]

Ariela Jacobs

Ariela's Lounge Room


It’s Ariela’s live performance and lyrical intricacy that stood out to us beyond words… [...]


170 Russell

Old Friend

In Hoodlem’s presence, you can taste the impending success. [...]


LANKS's living room.

Green Light

LANKS emotionally pulls you into a relaxing state of melancholy. [...]

Ali Barter

The Toff in Town


Ali’s voice has an unsuspecting amount of power to it. There’s an edginess that’s hidden perfectly beneath that silky smooth coating. [...]

Sweets + Haarlo + Open Swimmer

South Melbourne

Drop the Game (Flume & Chet Faker)

What happens when you combine low-fi electro fuzz, Afro-beat shake, kaleidoscopic bonk-pop with delicate weaving dreamy, magnetic vocals and soulpop? Is that a thing? [...]

Admiral Fallow

The Grace Darling Hotel

Guest Of The Government, Brother, Old Fools

We’re all about music that pulls the heart strings, and Admiral Fallow have that down to a fine art. [...]

Rainy Day Women

Phillip Shirts, Melbourne

Ain't It Time

Rainy Day Women came to Phillip Shirts (a shirt factory) in Melbourne city armed with two guitars, a tambourine, their killer voices and a of course, a kazoo. [...]

Hayden Calnin

The Grace Darling Hotel


Large Noises is now listed as ‘In A Relationship’ with Hayden Calnin. [...]

Mia Dyson

A veranda in Melbourne

Tell Me

The sun was setting over the Melbourne cityscape, and goosebumps took hold of my entire body as Mia started singing. [...]


Pyramid Rock Festival

Ruby Skies

It is Stonefield’s live performance that saw Martin Elbourne book Stonefield for Glastonbury on the spot. [...]

Dylan Joel

Pyramid Rock Festival


Dylan’s cheeky personality, tight rhymes and the perfect amount of ambition to boot will see him through some exciting times in his music career. [...]


Pyramid Rock Festival


We’ve been following Helen’s career closely, applauding and high-fiving her along the way. [...]

Winter People

Pyramid Rock Festival


The band’s intricate lyrics and musical arrangements set out to make their audience feel. [...]


Pyramid Rock Festival

She's My Baby

This gorgeous acoustic performance grabbed us by the heartstrings and didn’t let go. We’re Kingswood fans for life. [...]


Richmond, Melbourne

What You Want

This is not just two separate individuals creating a band, this is a marriage of sounds and style, a perfect one at that. [...]

Frightened Rabbit

The Corner Hotel

Backyard Skulls, Holy

It was only a matter of time until Frightened Rabbit cracked Australia. [...]

The Raffaellas

Richmond, Melbourne


There’s always a moment in a song, for me it’s at 3:33. [...]

Ali Barter

Richmond, Melbourne


Ali Barter is an Australian singer-songwriter, destined for things much bigger than she knows. [...]

Vance Joy

Richmond, Melbourne


This year is Vance Joy’s year. [...]

Ainslie Wills

North Melbourne

This Is What I Write

Ainslie Wills will align herself with the musical greats, and you can tell everyone you saw it all begin. [...]

Oscar Lush

Bathtub, Melbourne

Vanishing Point

“I am a musician.” This was the subject line of an email I received a few months ago. [...]




Bayden Packwood is the type of guy who makes things happen. [...]

Eliza Hull ft. Hayden Calnin

Backyard, Melbourne


Sometimes people meet for reasons unbeknownst to them at the time. This one was musical. [...]

Royal Republic

The Hilton, Melbourne

I Must Be Out Of My Mind

“All right pricks. Let’s do this.” [...]

Hayden Calnin

Lounge room, Melbourne


There’s only one thing better than an amazing artist, and that’s one who doesn’t know it yet. [...]

Young the Giant

The Corner Hotel, Richmond


We’ve looked forward to posting this clip since before we even shot it. [...]

Georgia Fair

Pure Pop Records, St Kilda

Halfway Gone

How often is it that you hear a song on a flavoured milk ad, write the lyrics in your phone and then look up the band later? [...]

Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!

Panther Shrine

Hoboken Café

This song has been stuck in my head since we recorded it. [...]


The Corner Hotel


Grouplove aren’t just a band; they are a family. [...]

Eliza Hull

Northcote Uniting Church

On My Mind

When Eliza sings, people freeze, mesmerized by her voice and her performance. [...]


Bathroom, Melbourne


Cramming six people into a small bathroom is quite a challenge on the best of days. [...]


Rooftop, Melbourne


Gossling’s voice is definitely one that raises the hairs on your neck and brings you to that reflective state. [...]

The Hello Morning & Dan Sultan

A Day On Earth, Melbourne

Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You

That evening we were lucky enough to film and record one of the most beautiful, intimate performances we may ever see. [...]

Big Scary

Big Scary

Bedroom, Melbourne

Microwave Pizza

The chemistry between Tom and Jo is beautiful, their humble nature is what makes them so attractive. [...]